Teen in Training

Miss Virginia's "Teens in Training Camp™" program is designed to be a stepping stone to the Outstanding Teen program. Our Virginia Outstanding Teen State Program is ranked #1 in the nation based on the number of winners and runners-up. 

This success is the result of the knowledge, skills, and training we provide our participants. It is our goal to continue this high level of training with the "Teens in Training Camp™" program. Participants will experience growth in personal presentation, confidence, poise, physical fitness, talent expression and a platform of community service during over twenty hours of seminars. They will learn what it takes to be a successful titleholder and develop skills for the future.

All Teens in Training Camp™ participants will
Be directly involved in the 2019 Miss Virginia pageant at Liberty University and featured on the Miss Virginia stage in a fabulous production. Showcase their talent, evening gown, lifestyle/fitness and interview

All Teens in Training Camp™ participants will receive
Written critique/evaluation from the judges
Certificate of Achievement
Medal of Distinction

AGES FOR TEENS IN TRAINING PARTICIPANTS: 11-17 YEARS (as of 6/19/2018). Princesses with two or more years of pageant experience can qualify at the age of 10. The local director will determine if a 10 year-old is ready to participate.

Represent a local pageant, download and complete the Teens in Training™ Camp Application and give to your local director. Click here for application.